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Challenges, possibilities and past experiences

More than half a million Assyrians live in the countries of the European Union, constituting one of the EU:s largest diaspora groups from the Middle East. Join us as we discuss the challenges, possibilities and past experiences of organizing the Assyrian-European community with our special guests. 

Sunday 28th March 2 - 4 pm CET


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(tbc) David Tekin is a lawyer based in Berlin and currently conducting his Phd research in the field of international law focusing on the legal position of Assyrians in their home countries.

Naher Beth-Grigo is a board member of ACE and head of the Assyrian Federation of Belgium. He has more than a decade

of experience from community based work and development. 

Kara S. Hermez serves as the head of the Assyrian Federation of Sweden and a board member of ACE. She initiated a fundamental

restructuring of the oldest and largest Assyrian National Federation in EU.

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Efrem Yildiz is a professor in Assyrian and semitic languages in Spain and a vocal supporter of the revival of the Assyrian language through 

stronger diaspora communities in the EU. 

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The seminar will be held in English