ACE reports

Erasing Assyrians

How the KRG abuses human rights, undermines democracy, and conquers minority homelands

Issued 2017

Assyrians Under Kurdish Rule

The situation in northeastern Syria

Issued 2017

Struggling to breathe

The systematic repression of Assyrians

Issued 2019

External reports

On Vulnerable Ground: Violence against Minority Communities in Nineveh Province’s Disputed Territories
HRW 2010

Christian Demonstration Blocked : Sought to Protest Kurdish Land “Encroachment”

HRW 2016

Iraq's stolen election: How Assyrian representation became Assyrian repression

Assyrian Policy Institute 2018
Erasing the Legacy of Khabour:
Destruction of Assyrian Cultural Heritage in the Khabour Region of Syria

Assyrian Policy Institute 2020