FQA Leadership academy 

When and where?

From Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. 

Which ages are you looking for? 

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate and not older than 38. 

Do I have to speak Assyrian?

Only English is required and all instructions and sessions will be in English. 

Is there a requirement for previous leadership experience?

Not really, although it's a plus if you have. The most important thing is that you share a willingness to contribute to the Assyrian community in Europe. 

Do I have to prepare anything?

You will be asked to do an online preparatory course ahead of the leadership academy. The course takes 30 minutes to complete and is meant to give all participants basic information so we will be off to a good start. 

Do I have to pay anything? 

The Assyrian Confederation pays for your travel and accomodation costs including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything else from ice cream to delicous Belgian chocolate is on you!

Who will we meet?

The training includes a visit to the European parliament and meeting some of its members, visiting the ACE office and its staff to learn more about how we work to raise Assyrian issues in the EU and meeting representatives of some of the local Assyrian organisations. We will also visit some of the local museums which exhibit Assyrian artifacts.

What will we learn?

All training sessions are based on fun group exercises which are designed to give a deeper understanding for the challenges and opportunities one faces in a community leadership role. We're pretty sure you will have lots of fun while learning. We will also have a few selected guests who will share interesting perspectives.  

Why should I do this?

Because you're going to a have four wonderful and inspiring days with  of other Assyrians your age, learning together and getting to know each other. You can't possibly need more reasons! 

How do I apply?

Send us an email to info@assyrianconfederation.com and tell us a bit about who you are and your reasons to apply. Don't forget to mention your age and which country you reside.