Does the Confederation cover my travel costs ?

Each participant is responsible for his/her own transport to and from the convention. 

How much is the participation fee and what does it include?

The participation fee is 70€ per person for the entire convention. The fee is 70€ even if you intend to participate only in one of the days. The fee includes lunch on day one and day two of the convention as well as dinner at the party on evening of day one. 

Please note that money cannot be returned. You will receive an email upon registration with information on how to pay your participation fee.  

Your registration will be complete and valid once we have received the payment of your participation fee. 

How do I pay the participation fee?

Upon registering you will receive an email between 1-2 weeks before the convention with further information and full information on how to make your payment of 70€. 

Is it possible to only attend the evening party?

Yes. The cost is then only 20€ per person which includes dinner and non alcoholic beverages (you can buy alcohol at the bar). Send us an email to reserve your party tickets: info@assyrianconfedederation.com

Does the confederation cover my accomodation costs?

Each participant is responsible for his/her own accomodation. Participants are recommended to book a room at the Holiday Inn Express Gütersloh. 

How do I get from the city centre to the venue?

The convention centre is about 8 kilometers from the city centre and the best option is a shared taxi with other participants or an Uber. 

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

Please direct all your questions to info@assyrianconfederation.com