Connecting half a million Assyrians

The Assyrian Confederation of Europe is an European umbrella organisation for Assyrians and Assyrian organisations in Europe

Assyrian communities have existed in Europe since the 1920's. In search for safer ground after the genocide of 1915 in then Ottoman Turkey the first Assyrian community took shape in Marseille and Toulouse in southern France. Since then the exodus from the land known historically as Assyria has continued and accelerated in recent years. Ethnic cleansing, kidnappings, massacres and targeted killings along with general turmoil in the Middle East continues to drive Assyrians away from Assyria.

Plans to create a pan-European umbrella for Assyrian organisations began early on but were materialised first in 2016 as the establishment of the Assyrian Confederation of Europe (ACE) was formally announced during a ceremony in the European parliament in Brussels on 22nd April (photo).

The main aims of ACE are to promote Assyrian identity and culture in Europe, to represent the Assyrians of Europe in politics and media and to support efforts in Assyria for democracy and equal rights.